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For any show to begin, it is necessary to open the curtains.

After the fire that devastated the National Museum, there was a strong desire to preserve our heritage and take care of our city. From there came the idea to help the Municipal Theater, considered one of the most beautiful theaters in the world. This Brazilian icon, needed a new curtain. We didn't know how big the curtain was for artists, and that contact with them opened our eyes. We invest in getting donations. Most of the donated money came from the gala that we held in the theater itself, which featured several presentations. 100% of the money raised was donated to the curtain to start the project.


We are on track to achieve our goal of a new curtain for the Municipal. Help us by making a donation ending at 111 (theater age).

* The value of the curtain was estimated at R $ 905,070.00 by Stefan Herbert Bottcher comercio, a Garrets reseller in Brazil.

Homenagem Municipal Bees of Love

Homenagem Municipal Bees of Love

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