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Building a better life.


The works and renovations are part of the core of Bees of Love. Even when the idea for Bees of Love was born, the idea was to take care of Rio de Janeiro through works. We realized that the city that was very abandoned, needed good people, with proposals for change and willing to put their hands in the dough to improve the situation. We believe that revitalizing or renovating a place can bring great changes to the lives of the people who interact with it.



The solarium is a leisure area, open at the INC, National Hospital of Cardiology in Rio. The purpose of the work was to provide patients, especially children, with a space where they could get fresh air while they were hospitalized. It was Bees of Love's first major work.


Since we cannot change the fate of mothers waiting for their children to be discharged from Hospital Jesus, we could improve their corner. Together with BQ do Bem we transformed 2 rooms worthy of mothers who fight for their children. We did a general renovation, placing 2 triches in each room, we changed the air conditioning, we did a general painting, we put bedding and pillows, lamps, cupboards and dressing table.

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