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When love, faith and hope help you overcome the adversities of life.


Continuing the Campaign in favor of the Cortina de Boca de Cena for the Municipal Theater, the Bees Of Loves organized an event with 2 Speakers at the Hotel Fairmont, on 02/07/2020. One, Freddy Sobotka, Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic, one of the last survivors of the Holocaust, from the AUSCHWITZ Concentration Camp, the other, Joe Ninio, a speaker from Monaco, an emigrant from Egypt, also a survivor with an incredible history and is currently an of the Director of the Pax Medicalis Association. "Medicine as a Bridge of Peace". The two tell a story where love, hope and faith, are fundamental tools to survive in a world with so many atrocities and show how Jewish resistance managed through culture to transform adversity into possibilities.

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